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AS/400  i-Series Power-i Sales Leads!



Results Matter!


Make More Sales! Obtaining Sales Leads, Reaching  Prospects, and Making Sales in the AS400 market is the life-blood of every AS400 Solution Provider. Our only focus is to  help our clients (AS400 Solution Providers) sell their products and services more effectively. This is all we do. We do not sell hardware or software or publish magazines and do not market any other lists. We are the only company in the world that can make this claim!


Largest Database! We have over 250,000 AS400 IT/IS/MIS/DP Decision Makers at 150,000+ AS400 sites around the world containing 60,000+ Verified Fax Numbers and 80,000+ Verified Email Addresses. All are Known Buyers of AS400 products or services! With unrivaled breadth, depth, freshness and accuracy, no other database provides a larger volume of relevant and accurate information to the AS400 marketplace.

* All Fax Numbers and Email Addresses are Tested and Verified every 30 days!*


What's Included! Every Record, in every list we sell except our Email list, has full contact information including: Company Name, Contact Name and Title (95%+ IT/IS/MIS/DP Decision Makers and Buyers), Phone Number, Address and System. Most records will also include an estimated Company Revenue and an Industry or SIC Code. Some records may also include a Fax Number and/or an Email Address.


Accuracy! We CALL to over 3,000 companies each week to Verify, Update and add to the information in our database. We do this for our reputation and for your protection. You will not have pay for anything you can't use!  We Distribute the Highest Quality AS400 Sales Leads. But no list is ever perfect. That's why we offer the best warranty in the list business.


Best Warranty! We Guarantee Each Site, to be in business and to meet your order specifications. If you get a site that is "bad"  simply send it back and we will refund your purchase price on that site or replace it for free. See our Warranty page for details about specific guarantees, return policies and incentives for returning "new" information.


Thank You! We appreciate your time, as a way of saying Thanks for Visiting, please let us send you some FREE AS400 sites. Go HERE and ask for your free AS400 sites today.


Questions! Send us an EMAIL. Getting back to you swiftly is a promise! If we do not get back to you within two business days you will get a 20% discount on any order you place within 30 days from our response (All Minimum Prices Still Apply).




  If Your Name was seen by 150,000 AS400 Decision Makers, would your Sales Increase


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Accurate Information is ESSENTIAL to Success!



Provide value-added AS400 marketing solutions to help AS400 Solution Providers (Hardware  and Software Vendors and other AS400 related businesses or Individuals) market their products and services effectively, with greater precision and less cost throughout the World.  This is ALL we do, itís our only business and we are the only company in the world that does this exclusively for the AS400.



We accept all major credit cards


Phone:  585-310-1955

Cell:      315-871-8892




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